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Peggy Eckerty
Posted Wednesday, November 4, 2015 11:59 AM

For all of you who have Facebook but I may not be friends with I wanted to let you know that Peggy Eckerty has a facebook page called "Prayers of healing for Peggy Eckerty "Miss Kitty".  Her cancer has returned and they are posting her progress and treatments.  She is learning to use Facebook, she has never been a computer savvy person and joked about it regularly.

God Bless us all.  Let's pray that she beats this and makes it to our 45th reunion in 2016.

Debi McAlister Myers


RE: Peggy Eckerty
Posted Wednesday, November 4, 2015 04:43 PM

Thanks Deb for the update.


RE: Peggy Eckerty
Posted Sunday, November 8, 2015 10:26 PM




Hello to all, 

I did some research and Peggy was an award-winning teacher at Switzerland County.  I have included the link here:

I have also included the link to the FaceBook page Debbie mentioned.  It is clear that Peggy certainly needs all our prayers and thoughts.

May God show her His loving kindnesses. 

Thank you,


RE: -1'
Posted Thursday, July 7, 2016 09:52 AM

This is the latest post on 6/28/16 regarding our classmate Peggy Eckerty.  If you have facebook go to her page and there is a video that they have posted of her message to her friends and family.  Please keep Peggy in your prayers.


Please Note:

Peggy's body is doing wonderful. She is on week three of no chemo and her body feels good. Her mind is changing everyday. She doesn't have good days and bad days. She has good minutes and bad minutes. Please be aware of this as you visit her. Be mindful of some of the things she says. We do not correct the things she says because when she does have good times, she realizes why she is saying some of the things she is and that upsets her.

It is hard for her, durin...g her bad minutes to have a telephone conversation or to just use the phone in general. So if she hasn't answered your calls please do not take offense. She may have thought she answered your call and she may have a conversation with you, without knowing that she really didn't answer.

She needs her friends and family more than ever right now, to keep her mind going and to engage in conversations.

She is not highly medicated at the time, so if something comes about that doesn't seem right while you are visiting, it is just the battles we are facing with the brain cancer. Please visit her while she can still have these good moments and enjoy your company.

Sally's number is 812-599-3215 to make sure Peggy is available at the time you would like to stop in.